CWB Ink 9 Color Gallon Set

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CWB Ink 9 Color Gallon Set

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This set includes 9 gallons of CWB ink in the following colors: Red, Greeen, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black, White and Grey. Our inks have been custom engineered to provide you with the highest possible printing accuracy on press for simulated process color screen printing.

CWB color, color separations and ink are based on an actual scientific color model engineered for ease of use and color reproduction accuracy. CWB inks have been specifically developed for the closets possible matches to the color points used in the CWB simulated process color separation and printing method.



The CWB color model and simulated process printing technology starts with the visible spectrum of pure color then introduces black and white for the most accurate color reproduction possible. CWB because with its scientific color model also allows for printing with the less color than current industry standards.


Correct Colors VS Incorrect Colors


Correct color is the foundation of accurate color reproduction on press for simulated process screen printing. Notice the CWB color above and then the Pantone color below that are differences in these colors.  At they might seem close enough for CWB Ink Seps simulated process process. But then these colors are blended to to accurate simulate the visible spectrum of like we will notice a dramatic change in accuracy.

Notice that with the Pantone color matches for CWB color the colors are different. The red seems to have a bit of orange, the yellow looks darker, the cyan looks more like turquoise, the blue is darker and the magenta looks closer to rose. If the ink colors are incorrect color simulation will also be incorrect. For example, it is not possible to get cyan from turquoise. Additionally, the way in which the colors are incorrect will also effect the color blending. This results in inaccurate simulation of the colors blending between the color points resulting in further inaccuracy.


The visible spectrum of color with inaccurate ink and colors



In the above chart, that represents the foundation of the visible spectrum of light with tints, shades and tones elements. The accurate color is replaced with Pantone color matches. Notice what has happened to the color across the spectrum of color.

For example, cyan is now the turquoise color and effects all the color that is blending from the green to cyan to the blue. The darker yellow has affected the blend into green resulting in the lime being incorrect. Violet now looks like a dark purple. Magenta looks more like rose and rose looks more like red.

At first glace looking at close colors one would think this will work but when it comes to simulated process and color simulation, accurate color is the key to accurate color simulation and the best printing and color matching results.

CWB Ink VS Pantone Side by Side



Comparing the two images above. It is clear that if the colors used to reproduce color threw a process of color simulation are not accurate then accurate color reproduction is not possible. As seen in the image on the right.


Inaccurate Color Applied to a Simulated Process Color Separation


The use of inaccurate color will show up on the screen printing press. As noticed on the image to the right with Pantone color.

CWB separations and ink are the clear choice to put your business on the cutting edge of screen printing and color technology. Get started today with CWB Inks and join the screen printers that are taking their game and business to the next level of high end printing.